Improve your conversions with Targeted Marketing through HCL Commerce X Moptra

Improve your conversions with Targeted Marketing through HCL Commerce X Moptra::

Personalization is essential for increasing customer engagement and conversions. By analyzing past customer behavior and gleaning insights from data, AI can take personalization to new heights. Furthermore, it does so automatically and provides critical insights that can drive your marketing efforts to greater success. Using commerce insights also leads to better decision-making for business users.

Importance of Headless Commerce for better conversions 

To succeed in a highly competitive market, you must excel at omnichannel with best-in-class storefronts that support personalization. HCL Commerce can help you with this by providing a modern and simplified UI/UX for a better customer experience. This platform offers REST APIs to enable microservices and commerce from anywhere. Customers will be delighted with a seamless omnichannel experience that will drive sales.

Our Expertise with HCL Commerce 

React store front customisation

We can help you create a personalized eCommerce experience at each touchpoint. Our expert team has hands-on experience building B2B and B2C eCommerce stores. We assist in delivering a personalized shopping experience by customizing the react store front.

Third-Party Integration on existing models

We help meet your customer’s expectations by completely integrating your HCL Commerce site with your ERP, OMS, PIM, marketing automation, and other third-party systems. Our integration service lets you deliver a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.

Crs customization

HCL Commerce now supports handling custom files within all default folders of a remote store (crs) package, as indicated in the preceding repository structure. This support provides you with more capability for applying custom logic to your store server. Our experts at Moptra can seamlessly customize CRS to suit you.

“Out of the box solutions when it comes to search Elastic Integrations :

“Have something unique in mind when it comes to your business and your

store? Our team of creatives and intelligent techies will come up with out

of the box solutions to take your business to a new leap with HCL


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