HCL Commerce Enterprise – A brief

HCL Commerce Enterprise – A brief::

HCL Commerce Enterprise Is an omni-channel e-commerce platform that enables B2C and B2B sales to customers across all channels, including web, mobile, social, store, and call centre. With merchandising tools, precision marketing, site search, customer experience management, catalogue and content management, and social commerce capabilities, the Enterprise edition enables brands to engage shoppers in a personalised and consistent manner. With an advanced starter store for B2C and B2B that is responsive to optimise content for various device types and formats, such as web, mobile, and tablet, organisations can go to market quickly and easily.HCL Commerce Enterprise helps:

  • Increase sales and revenue by using personalised experiences, content, offers, and merchandising to sell products and services more effectively.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by fortifying relationships and providing a rich, differentiated brand experience across all customer touch points.
  • Provide marketers, merchandisers, and product managers with simple business user tools and analytics to create, manage, and personalise marketing, promotions, and catalogues without relying on IT resources.
  • Maximize performance and reduce downtime with a flexible and extensible e-commerce foundation.

HCL Commerce Enterprise enables B2B business models with buyer administrator and approver administrative and operational functions. With HCL Commerce Enterprise, businesses can use multiple Extended Sites.

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