Elasticsearch Replaces Solr in HCL Commerce V9.1

Elasticsearch Replaces Solr in HCL Commerce V9.1::

Elasticsearch Replaces Solr in HCL Commerce V9.1 – let’s understand the benefit, differences, and why one should upgrade!

What exactly is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a search platform that provides dependable and secure search results as well as data visualization and analysis. It is scalable, fast, resilient, and agile, and is written in Java and built on Apache Lucene. Elasticsearch is the main component of the Elastic Stack, also known as the ELK Stack, which includes Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana, as well as Beats, a lightweight shipping agent that sends data to Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch offers a unified view of data – metrics, APM data, log data, and so on – which is saved as a JSON document.

HCL recognises the need to provide a search solution that improves search relevancy and experience, as well as a service that can provide unified, accurate data and manage schema and service behaviour. With enhanced ML and AI capabilities, elasticsearch can visualise data, understand customer intent and business trends, and deliver accurate search results. It also has a flexible indexing pipeline and an intelligent query service (NLP, Matchmaker). With elastic search, HCL Commerce would meet both customer and business expectations, both B2B and B2C.

HCL Commerce has announced that V9.1.x will also provide features such as image, voice, and barcode search. Moptra is an HCL Solution Partner and offers an all-inclusive V9.1 package. Want to know more about HCL Commerce V9.1, Elasticsearch, how would it be beneficial for you, and how we can help you implement it? You can mail us at mail@moptra.com or visit www.moptra.com

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