Reason to Consider a V9 Upgrade

Reason to Consider a V9 Upgrade::
  • Take advantage of modernization in architecture (cloud-native, containerization, headless approach support, and React-based stores)
  • Complete rewrite of business user tooling
  • Update metadata and canonical URLs to improve SEO on every page
  • Improve site speed, performance, and stability
  • All new Commerce Search based on Elasticsearch
  • Order management improvements
  • Content management tool (Page Builder)
  • Digital asset management
  • Optimized merchandising (relevant search results based on customer behavior,
  • voice-based product searches, and OOTB integration with Google Analytics)
  • Improved insights/reporting capabilities
  • Improvements to quotes and configuration capabilities
  • 3-tier catalog structure
  • Regain HCL technical support if on V7
  • V8 V9
  • also not to miss Elastic Search (Natural language processing) – Better performance and Headless storefront (B2C ,B2B)
  • HCL Commerce v9 gives organizations greater agility and flexibility to innovate and adjust to their go-to-market strategies and transform how they engage customers across channels. Unlike version 8, which came after 6 years gap,
  • HCL has reduced he major release period this time for V9
  • Have queries on V9 , visit

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